Modular construction is fast replacing traditional construction in many parts of the world. This is because modular construction has many benefits to offer, especially when it comes to quality, money and time. Modular buildings offer the unique property of being able to adapt to any kind of budget, while still guaranteeing top quality.

Modular buildings are helping to improve healthcare immensely, as they are being widely used to create satellite clinics, urgent care clinics, laboratories, physicians’ offices, diagnostic centres and health care facilities.

This rapid expansion of the healthcare industry is calling for a quicker, more efficient construction strategy, and this is how modular construction has its benefits. Why should you choose modular buildings for healthcare?


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Saves Time

With healthcare institutions often finding themselves in sudden need for more space, with the requirement of extra rooms and operation theatres, modular construction can be completed very quickly, meaning the additional space can be up and running in no time.

Cost Effective

As modular construction can be completed quickly, there is a significant reduction in labour costs. Materials are also used efficiently in a factory, resulting in minimal wastage, further contributing to reduction in construction costs. This is ideal for hospitals on tight budgets.


As modular buildings are built in factories then assembled on site, there is no need to use heavy machinery, meaning safety hazards reduce greatly.

Minimal Interruption

Since all the major constructing is done off-site in modular construction, life at the hospital is not disturbed, meaning there is no interruption from construction noise, debris, and barricades. When assembling the building, the modules are transported to the site which only takes a few short hours, so interruption is at a minimal. This is crucial for healthcare centres, as time is a very important factor.


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Rentable Space

If an institution does not want to commit to additional space permanently, there is also the option of renting modular space for healthcare, where you can get portable healthcare buildings for rent. You can rent mobile processing labs, additional patient rooms, mobile pharmacies and other additional space needed to add to your institution.

The Sustainable Solution

Hospital buildings and other healthcare institutions use a lot of electricity and are in need of a constant energy source. Modular construction offers the option of installing buildings with energy efficient systems like solar panels, geothermal systems, and energy efficient glass.

A great fact about modular buildings is that they are made mostly out of recyclable materials, such as; recycled steel, recycled glass, and recycled wood. Furthermore, modular healthcare buildings can be completely dismantled, leaving no debris and no wastage of construction materials.

Modular healthcare construction is transforming the healthcare industry rapidly, and in a noteworthy way.

Here at Excel Modular Buildings Ltd, we provide quality new and pre-owned modular buildings for all your healthcare accommodation requirements. Our Excel modular buildings are suitable for a wide range of uses including:

  • Consulting Rooms
  • Clinical Departments
  • Offices
  • Maternity Wards
  • Day Surgery Units
  • Theatre Rooms
  • Drop-in-Centres
  • Dental Surgeries

Our modular buildings can be adapted according to your requirements, whatever the size. Get in touch with a friendly member of our team who will be happy to help you on more information on what we offer.