Modular buildings are becoming more and more popular with many clients across the world. We’re seeing many more pop-up shops and businesses investing in modular buildings, choosing them over more conventional buildings.


But why? Why are modular buildings becoming the go-to for businesses? The main reason comes down to cost, and modular structures are much more cost effective than traditional builds.


They’re Cost Effective to Build


With traditional builds, you’ll often see rows of skips lining the roadside as the building is completed. This is to house the waste produced by building these types of structure, which then has costs attributed the removal of the waste.





A modular building will only use materials that are needed – no more, no less. This means there’s far less waste involved in the building process. It’s also worth mentioning that most modular buildings are made from materials which are easily recyclable, making them even more cost effective, as once they are no longer needed, they can be recycled as appropriate, reducing demolition costs.


Shorter Build Time


The building process is much shorter than standard conventional builds, meaning that you won’t need to pay out for extensive contractor work as the work can be completed quicker.



As you are essentially paying your contractor to both source the materials for your build and the manpower that they will need to complete the structure, it can often be difficult to see how your money is distributed when it comes to finding out the labour costs.


As modular buildings require less time to erect and don’t need much material to construct, it will take less manpower to create your building, meaning that the cost to build the structure will be less than a brick and mortar build.


As most estimations are based on cost per hour and it takes less time to build, you’re guaranteed to make some savings during the planning, manufacture and construction of your modular building


Easily Customisable


One of the main benefits of modular buildings is that they are usually created in bulk, bringing the cost per unit down drastically in comparison to traditional builds, which often require bespoke layouts.


If you don’t necessarily need a custom exterior or floorplan, using a modular build can bring many benefits. Although your building may be from the same batch of buildings as another, there are many different aspects which you can customise to make your build more unique.


It’s much easier to customise a modular build and keep the cost down than designing and sourcing bespoke materials or specific features for a brand-new build.

Even if you’re not bothered about the look outside of your modular building, you are able to customise the inside to look how you want it to on your own budget, so although you may choose to have the same exterior as another modular building, you can make the interior completely customised to your needs.


Whatever you need a modular building for, feel free to get in touch with us here at Excel Modular. We’ll be more than happy to help you find the perfect modular structure for your needs – and more importantly, help you save money!