On our blog, we’ve taken a look at the more usual uses for modular building hire; from classrooms through to on-site storage, there are many different reasons to think about adding modular buildings to your site. But beyond the basics, there are so many other versatile uses for modular buildings that can make them the ideal solution to countless problems. Here are just a few ways you can get creative with modular designs:



Get Artistic

Modular buildings can be the perfect option to use for temporary structures within both education and professional settings, and for displaying items such as art – the blank canvas of a modular unit can make sure your eyes are drawn to precisely the right place. By using modular systems, you can make art more accessible, and allow it to stay on display for longer without taking up valuable space that has other requirements. When your show is done, the units can be removed – a fully versatile display location.

Secure Lockers

For outdoor areas, such as pools, lakes, parks and more, having a secure location to store your possessions can be key to a great day out. By utilising a vandal-proof unit in combination with lockers inside (even charger lockers for phones), you can create a place where visitors will know that all their items are safe and secure – allowing them to enjoy their day without worry.

Temporary Storage

Modular building hire can work fantastically for more active environments, but they’re also ideal for the storage of valuable or otherwise sentimental items such as furniture or ornaments during a renovation or redecoration of your home. These secure units keep your valuables safe and close to hand, without them being in the way of workers, builders or decorators. And of course, your garden can be back to normal in no time thanks to the easy removal of units post-work.

What do you think about our alternative uses for modular buildings? If you have a unique use for our modular units, contact us today. We love to hear new ideas and help you discover what units are best for your requirements – no matter how out there they are.