The most popular uses of modular buildings are for classrooms, pop-up shops, and living spaces. Now, imagine living in a modular building that is part of a huge modular structure. However, in some places around the world, this imagination is becoming reality, so is a modular building hotel the future of travel accommodation?

How Would a Modular Building Hotel Work?

A Holiday Inn Express is being built near EventCity in Greater Manchester but there is a twist to it – fully furnished shipping containers will be installed to create a 220-bedroom building. Because of the complexity of this project, it means that the bedrooms in the containers are fitted with interior fixtures off-site and will then be delivered to their destination when they are ready.

The project itself is part of an accelerated build programme, meaning that the proposed hotel will be completed by spring 2017. The modules themselves will be individually stacked on top of the podium, meaning that all of the guest rooms will be installed in less than a month.

 photo Shipping container houses_zpsvxvgskpe.jpg

What Will Be Next?

Now that modular hotels are being accomplished, what will be next? Well, the biggest challenge within the UK is to address its affordable housing shortage, as well as focusing on the environment. With engineers and architects being more pro-active with housing designs, modular design is opening up brand new possibilities and opportunities.

As well as this, modular designers are looking to vary the use of modular buildings; from housing environments to commercial ones, such as modular gyms and offices.

 photo ndash modular building plan iStock_000050966600_Small_zpsxrfwyl98.jpg

Modular buildings are becoming increasingly important to the UK’s, and even the world’s, housing landscape. At Excel Modular, we are able to provide high-quality customised containers and modular buildings, so that they can be used in creative or practical applications. If you would like to know more information, then please get in touch today on 01482 738027 and we will be more than happy to help.