In 2012, a specific programme for school buildings brought to life a new era, due to the need for more space and funding for state school accommodation. Due to the ever-increasing commercial pressure of finances, location and space, there is a pressure felt by schools, colleges and universities around the world. One could say that a useful solution to these problems would be to use modular buildings. In the independent sector, this growing problem could be solved with more ease, less budget and the use of less space.


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Flexible Alternatives


Schools, colleges and universities around the country face the issue of limited space. Temporary modular buildings could solve this problem, offering flexible solutions. A prefabricated classroom unit would be sure to provide a flexible alternative which can be changed as and when you please. Being assembled on site and providing high quality and secure spaces which can be adapted to be a science lab, a maths room or an activity room. This building can also be relocated and repurposed as necessary; the perfect, flexible classroom.




High Quality Construction


Many people may not be fully knowledgeable to the high quality of modular building construction. Certain individuals may believe that a temporary classroom is not sturdy, old fashioned or not water resistance. Well, think again, as the modern modular classroom is constructed to the highest of standards, and come in a range of styles and sizes with an array of floor plans. The education authorities set a certain quality of standard, and a modular building currently can surely exceed these expectations; providing safe and spacious education space.




Decreased Disruption


As the name suggests, a modular building is prefabricated, therefore causes a very small amount of disruption. Built in modules, the off-site manufactured buildings cause less disruption to a school site, and compared to the traditional building construction, is dramatically less. They are extremely easy to assemble and dissemble, which is one huge benefit. Whether planned to be a more permanent facility or a temporary one, these buildings won’t disrupt your schedule or any students learning.



Time and Money


The use of modular buildings as classrooms can give the organisation the capability for quick response of change. Whatever the demand, this could be the perfect solution for after a fire or maybe during any building work. Whether the budget is tight or not, the saving from this building could even give more financial flexibility to purchase a used or refurbished building. Installation and configuration is quick and causes minimal disturbance, which in turn can save money also.


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Custom Class Rooms


Whatever the specifications, you can order your modular buildings customised to your requirements – from the exterior style and finish to the interior design. You can have your temporary classroom to compliment the rest of the exterior of the school or college, and can include any specifications you may require. Modular classrooms are also very future proof. If you no longer need that room to be a laboratory, but a dance studio; it’s easy to change. It can be reconfigured with ease and repurposed to the needs of the institution. Even if your school moves to a new site, or expands, you can take the classroom with you. No need for more money or more time and money, as your modular classroom can save all that.




So, with all these benefits, are temporary classrooms here to stay? By using modular buildings for classrooms, you could save bundles of money and time. With installation and reconfiguration being as quick as it is, whilst causing hardly any disruption, it seems like the perfect option.

At Excel Modular we pride ourselves on being able to offer an amazing solution to schools, colleges or any other education facilities. It can be a great solution for many industries, and the education system is one to see all the positive outcomes. If you would like to know more on our range of modular buildings or just find out a bit more on what we do, we would love you to get in touch on +44 1482 488664. The friendly team are always at the other end of the phone.