A decade ago, someone announcing they were building a house made of shipping containers would have been laughed at. A tin can home? Who would want such a thing?! But, modern design has embraced a number of things over the years and this building innovation is one of them. This same announcement now incites curiosity and many questions about such a structure works.

So, why have shipping containers become so popular in the home building market?

Cost Effective


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One of the biggest reasons that container homes have become so popular, without a doubt, is a result of the cost-effectiveness of the project. They are much more value for money compared with traditional brick and mortar homes. Today, many homes that are made from containers can be constructed for around 50,000. Although not all homes made of containers cost this, it highlights just how cheaply it can be done if that is the desire of the homeowner. Either way, a container home can be the height of modern in today’s architectural climate.



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For those who are more environmentally conscious, the container home can be a great alternative. A home made of containers is very appealing to people who wish to reduce their carbon footprint and their overall effect on the environment. The recycling of shipping containers is a huge step in this process. It reduces the waste as a result of the recycling, but also reduces the need to use materials such as concrete and other such things to build a more traditional home.

Easily Constructed


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The rate of building a steel container home is extremely fast, especially in comparison to the construction of a traditional build. The walls, roof and floor are also in place straight away. That means that a home can be constructed in as little as one month. This means that affordable quick housing can be provided at short notice to meet any demand that may arise.

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