If you are setting up a construction site in a remote area you may want to consider using modular building hire to provide temporary onsite accommodation for your workers. But what are the advantages and disadvantages of hiring portable buildings?



Advantages of Modular Building Hire for Construction Sites

Portable buildings are perfect for providing temporary accommodation for workers on remote construction sites. The buildings are totally lockable and secure and will withstand the onslaught of pretty much any extreme of weather, leaving your workforce safe and comfortable. Having all your workers living on site means that as a supervisor you won’t be worrying about guys arriving late or not at all for their shifts.


Sharing on-site accommodation is great for building camaraderie and morale too; a happy workforce means a more productive workforce, and that’s great news for your business. For longer term temporary contracts, hiring temporary accommodation can work out much more cost-effective than bussing workers to an out of town site every day. Portable buildings do not require a foundation, meaning that you can have one set up pretty much anywhere you need one on your site.


Disadvantages of Modular Building Hire for Construction Sites

Despite all of their advantages, there are a few cons attached to hiring portable modular buildings for your construction site. Because portable buildings do not require a foundation, they can sometimes be affected by the movement of the ground during freezes and subsequent thaws, or on sites where excavation and mining work is taking place. If the buildings settle or rock, the doors might not close properly, leaving the building insecure when it isn’t occupied.



Smaller buildings may need to be tied down to keep them in place if your construction site is in an area that is affected by very high winds. Tie down can be achieved by placing earth anchors around the building and your hire company will do this for you.


In Conclusion

Portable modular building hire can be a very useful option if you want to provide temporary accommodation or storage space on your construction site. For more information and guidance on choosing the right portable hire building for your needs, contact our helpful team today.