Modular units are great all-year round spaces for domestic, commercial and academic use. However, it’s worth remembering that to get the most out of your Excel Modular unit, you’re going to have to take some precautionary measures – particularly when the winter weather arrives.

By following these simple tips, you can ensure that your modular building remains in perfect condition all year round.

Protect Your Excel Modular Building Against the Elements

If it’s at all possible, try to use heaters in order to keep up the internal temperature of the structure and try to shield windowed areas from inclement weather. By protecting your modular unit from the elements you’re reducing the likelihood of structural damage from wind, rain, ice and snow. It’s a good idea to try to identify holes or draughty areas before the end of November to allow you plenty of time to arrange repairs before the coldest spells of the year hit home.

Add Skirting Boards

Believe it or not, skirting board is much more than an aesthetic means of home improvement. Skirting can help to keep moisture levels down whilst providing additional insulation, meaning that your modular unit will stay at a consistent temperature during the colder winter months, and costs less to heat during the summer.

Add Support to the Rear of the Unit

By supporting the hitch and back section of your modular unit, you can expect to stop the sides of the unit from cracking or warping in sub-zero conditions. This will also help to keep any door or window fittings in good condition.

Take Additional Steps During Periods of Non-use

If you don’t intend on using your modular unit during the winter months, take care to drain any water heaters or pipes and add antifreeze to waste traps in order to avoid leaks or breakages when you return to the unit.

Check Sealed Areas

Inspect all roof seams and windowed areas, and if needs be, apply caulking in order to prevent cold air or water from seeping in.

Call an Expert like Excel Modular for Advice

If you’re unsure on how to prepare your modular unit this winter, why not contact us for help and advice?