From the humble beginnings as simple substitute office space, the modular building is taking on new heights, literally. The modular building has shown us some impressive uses, but with a groundbreaking new initiative, the uses of modular buildings come be on the rise.


This new initiative will bring on a great positive impact for up to 50 new hotels in the brand’s portfolio within the coming year, making modular technology more than just a significant investment, but a new and innovative way of construction.


Arriving Perfection


The new hotel and its rooms are already assembled entirely off site. Even though three different partners are involved in the assembly, the rooms arrive at the site together and fully constructed. The bed, desk, toilet and even the sheets, pillows and TV are ready in the room. All the crew have to do in its arrival is slot the room into place. The hyper-efficient model uses this method called ‘stacking’.


Up and Running


Marriot already has one modular building in action now. In California, a 97-modular roomed hotel was the first step the company took towards the journey of modular construction. The senior vice president for global design for the business got the ball rolling just over two years ago, where he and his team began researching into more developments in Asia and Europe. Once a proposal was put together involving the use of modular construction, the team saw the potential, financially and economically, and then went on to debut the pilot project at a 2015 conference.


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Onwards and Upwards


The hotel chain is working with a company in Florida to further advance the process and try to get the process out into the world as an economically pleasing development process. The Marriott’s chief development officer, Eric Jacobs said: “As construction costs are at a peak, it’s a real challenge to find good, qualified subcontractors based on the general building boom that is happening throughout the United States. We ‘re on pace to approve another 400 to 450 hotels this year and we think we can influence ten percent of those projects with modular construction. If we can cut four to six months off of a typical development timeline of 12 to 14 months, that’s a significant saving for our owners.”


Benefits of Modular Design


Even when the companies redesign or update room designs it’s never from scratch, so modular companies can mass produce the units. By calculating the footage of the desired room and the amenities and requirements, they can reproduce easily. As a bonus, they have been able to improve STC scored (sound transmission class) which gives them an edge over traditional construction, economically and environmentally. The company have even been involving students, allowing them to study what could potentially be the future of construction.


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“We’re really educating our ownership and development community,” Eric Jacobs said. “That’s been the real opportunity – to share the information as broadly as we can. Construction is the next frontier for innovation, and modular is leading the way.”


The popular hotel chain already has another four modular hotels being constructed, with another two expected to be opening later in the year. These are all currently in the United States, but with time, knowledge and resources lets hope that this stretched further into the world and other buildings will be improved by modular technology.


At Excel Modular, we pride ourselves on our high-quality modular building options and keep our hopes high that the future of mainstream construction steers more in a direction of modular. To find out more about our services, we would be happy to have a chat.