Pop-up shops are becoming increasingly ubiquitous on Britain’s high streets, whether it’s seasonal businesses or quirky new startups selling designed products. Many small businesses, often priced out of town centres and other real estate, have found pop-up shops a great new way to open up their market to new demographics of customers and passing trade, and there’s no easier way to do it than with modular buildings.


Benefits of Modular
Pop-up shops using modular buildings avoid many of the high rents of permanent buildings, but offer all of the amenities and comfort. From ready made structures to bespoke layouts perfectly matched to specific businesses, there are a huge range of modular buildings available on the market. These structures can be quickly and easily installed and simply and speedily removed when the time comes, making them perfect for small businesses looking for a temporary home.


How We Can Help
Excel Modular Buildings offer a variety of different modular buildings which can be assembled to your exact needs to help you get a quick, easy and efficient pop-up shop in place. We can provide a complete and ready structure or design something to fit your needs and specifications, while we help you with our experience and expertise to advise you along the way.

We have a variety of different structures available, from standard builds to eco-friendly buildings. Our lengthy experience in the field helps us know exactly what will work best, and how to install and remove our temporary structures as quickly and efficiently as possible, allowing you and your business to focus on what you do best without worrying about building work.

Take a look at Excel Modular Buildings today, and contact us to see how we can help you. We’re happy to help all customers and can offer our expert guidance on providing the perfect customised containers for your needs – so get in touch now and see how we can help your business flourish.