When it comes to healthcare, the one word that is bandied around more frequently than any other is ‘budget’. Rarely does a day go by without the NHS being embroiled in one furore or another that centres on a lack of money.


The Introduction of Modular Buildings


Modular buildings, which are much more cost efficient when compared to traditional construction, are an entirely viable and often understated way for the healthcare sector to cut back on costs without having to compromise on quality. Additionally, modular buildings are generally far quicker to manufacture and install, meaning that the healthcare needs of communities can be addressed in a shorter period of time than would be possible by taking a traditional bricks and mortar approach.


Putting Patients First


When it comes to healthcare, it is essential that the needs of patients remain at the fore, and modular buildings offer a tried and tested way of ensuring vital medical solutions can be provided to communities quickly and effectively.


Not only that, but modular buildings are incredibly versatile; they can be quickly built and subsequently utilised as laboratories, operating theatres, offices, areas for storage, accommodation or space for various types of surgery. One of the primary benefits of modular buildings is that they can be easily adapted to suit many needs and requirements.



Another element of modular design is that it allows for easy expansion should it be required. Our constructions at Excel Modular Buildings, though robust and dependable, offer a flexibility that does not exist with traditional builds. Due to the nature of every building we construct, each healthcare facility we manufacture can be reconfigured or relocated based on the needs of the client.


Something we are incredibly proud of is highlighting that our relatively simple construction methods do not mean a lower quality build. Everything we do is done to the highest possible industry standards; we ensure that every project we embark upon is planned, prepared and designed with excellence in mind. We work closely with customers to ensure each finished product meets their needs, and will not rest until we create the the exact solution that is needed. Contact us to find out more.