Modular buildings provide an opportunity to provide more space in schools. They are quick to install with minimum disruption to the normal functioning of your school, and easy to relocate if necessary. They can be used as science laboratories, mobile classrooms, dance rooms, drama rooms, toilets and changing rooms, libraries, and administration areas, depending on your personal needs.





Schools have increasingly tighter budgets, while the number of students keeps increasing as the population grows. Modular buildings can be used in your school either as temporary or permanent solutions. If expanding your school buildings isn’t an option, then an interim modular building can be utilised for seasons where you might need extra space.

A professional service will ensure that there are no cut corners in any process of construction or installation. The high-quality will ensure that long-term costs are reduced, as there is less maintenance needed.





Using modular buildings brings advantages; less energy is used to produce a modular building, comparing to a traditionally build buildings. With their ease of installation, construction sites for modular buildings generate less vehicle movement, which reduces disruptions and carbon emissions.

The use of CAD Design allows for improved designs of modular buildings, leading to minimised construction costs. They are also safer, as CAD allows for quick identification of possible weak points that can be modified and strengthened before construction.


What to Keep In Mind

When choosing a modular building for your school, there are a few things you need to consider. You need to know if the modular buildings will comply with building regulations, including fire and insulation, and if they will comply with the design requirements of the Department for Education.

Health and safety are extremely important in every building, and schools are no different. At Excel Modular Buildings we take Health and Safety extremely seriously, and we always ensure that our buildings are installed in compliance to all requirements. Our installation/site teams are qualified with CSCS accreditation and all of our supervisors are NEBOSH certified.



If you are looking for affordable, high-quality modular building solutions for your school, here at Excel Modular Buildings we have the right solution for you. With decades of experience in the modular building industry, we always ensure the highest standard possible of customer care and service.

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