Here at Excel Modular Buildings, we provide high quality refurbished buildings that are both highly sustainable and eco-friendly. When it comes to modular classrooms, we think it’s essential that they are environmentally friendly and energy efficient.


Modular classrooms continue to grow in popularity, with a lot of people fully believing that they are the schools of the future. They are designed and constructed quickly – making them a very convenient option. However, it’s the fact that they are renowned for their energy efficiency and sustainability that is attracting them to the education sector.



We’re committed to making classrooms that are eco-friendly, but how can your teachers keep your modular classroom as green as possible?


Lead by Example 

A successful green classroom will only happen if everyone in the entire school is fully on board. All staff should be encouraged to adopt a “green” lifestyle at work – including in the staff only areas. Teachers should cut down on the amount of paper that they use – do they need to print out handouts? Electronic copies can always be made of important documents.


Energy Efficient 

Teachers can play a huge part in keeping their modular classroom energy efficient – from turning off all lights when not in use to shutting down computers at the end of the day. They should keep doors shut when possible as this avoids the loss of heat. The use of sustainable materials is important too!


Digitalise the Classroom

Reducing the amount of paper used in workplaces is something that has recently become very popular – businesses are encouraging their staff to try and stop using paper altogether. This is something that could prove to be a success in classrooms too. Students could be given tablets or laptops to use instead of relying on paper. Going digital is definitely the most eco-friendly way of learning and could very well be the future in education!



Carry out Regular Maintenance


All buildings need regular maintenance, and this is exactly the same for modular ones, if not more so! Regular checks need to be carried out on the energy efficient systems that have been implemented in order to keep the classrooms eco-friendly. Everything should be serviced regularly to ensure that it’s running smoothly and to optimal efficiency.



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