Precision is very important in the construction industry to prevent accidents. CAD design creates digital models that allow for a precise and controlled view of an object before it is sent for manufacturing.

This image construction and manipulation software provide benefits that can be seen during the design and production processes. Other benefits become more apparent with the increasing quality of the product, better design control, and overall client satisfaction.


Improves the Initial Drawing

Manual drawings involve drawing tools like pencils, compasses, parallel rules, and other specific items. Every part of the drawing or blueprint has to be done manually, which turns repetitive and might cause a human error. With CAD design you can use a wide variety of drawing tools that accurately create circles, lines, and other precise lines. It allows for easy moving, copying, and rotating of objects, without compromising their drawing precision.

You can also be more accurate with CAD, ensuring correctly sized and aligned objects. You can easily snap them in place by specifying exact coordinates; by indicating a point along an X and a Y axis, or a distance or an angle, you can snap to locations on existing objects. With manually drawing this process would be time consuming and could produce errors easily.




Saves Time and Money

3D modelling provides you with the ability to test the stress factors of a building before construction, which saves time and money, and can potentially prevent big catastrophes from happening. By seeing the model before the end result, you can run simulations that test and measure vibrations in central structural components.

You are able to identify any possible weak points ahead of time which would cause serious issues, before you have to pay for them. It is also possible to print model prototypes in a quick and easy way, which diminishes costs immensely.




Eases Modifications

CAD simplifies erasing and redrawing objects. 3D CAD improves control over designs, with zooming and rotating options in every angle. You can analyse every component separately to ensure the overall design is precise. If it needs to be redrawn or if changes need to be made, it is easy to remove one of those components and modify it by itself without compromising the entire design.



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