Treating patients and supporting the community is the number one priority for any health service. In order to be able to do that properly, care providers need to have the right space available to treat patients happily.


Excel Modular Buildings provide an incredibly versatile way to offer this space and better serve your community. We think it’s the best solution to meet the changing needs of the community, and here’s why:

Avoid the Disruption of Construction

As the population grows, inevitably communities are going to need a greater number of healthcare facilities. However, the construction of these can be very disruptive to the community, perhaps temporarily limiting services or meaning that treatment has to take place in cramped and noisy surroundings.


Modular buildings are built and fitted off-site, which means you avoid all the chaos of construction and project management and can get on with the important task of providing treatment.

Offer a Cost-Effective Solution

The construction of more traditional buildings can not only be disruptive and time consuming but it can be costly too. Modular buildings provide excellent value for money and an affordable solution to space-related problems. This means budgets can be better spent elsewhere in the community.


Perfect for Providing On-site Services

Offering certain services on-site, rather than having people go to the hospital or make a doctor’s appointment, can have a massive impact on the community. It isn’t always feasible to have a permanent bricks and mortar space somewhere though. Modular buildings offer a great, flexible way to provide care on-site for as long as it is needed, such as in a school drop-in centre, without leaving behind a fixed building.

Increase the Amount of Seasonal Care Provided

There are some treatments that perhaps require more attention seasonally but do not need a dedicated year-round clinic, for instance flu jabs. Modular buildings offer the community a dedicated centre for this service when needed, without the cost of that space sitting dormant for the rest of the year. The extra focus means that these treatments can be offered much more efficiently, with potentially reduced waiting times for patients.

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