In addition to providing quick construction and cost reduction, modular buildings allow for adaptability. With traditional construction, any room you have is more difficult to adapt to another functionality, and more expensive.

With costs being a concern for any business, finding efficient solutions is vital.


Types of Rooms

Modular buildings have the capacity of being utilised for any type of room that fits your requirements. Whether you need an office, a classroom, or a cafeteria, modular buildings are easily adapted into what you need.

The quick construction allows for day-care surgeries to be easily built and, should your modular building no longer be necessary, it’s completely recoverable. It can be sold or relocated, which provides an environmentally friendly option for both a green business and the environment in general.

An added factor in modular building construction is the safety, both of the building itself and of its construction. As modular buildings are built indoors, there is a reduced chance of an accident happening. This also provides a safeguard against any weather delays, ensuring you have your modular building when you need it.



Businesses’ requirements change over time, and while a few months’ prior you might have needed a modular building as a washroom, you might find that you need another office now. With modular building, you don’t need to compromise – you can easily turn the room into an office, with everything you need.

Our expert team here at Excel Modular Buildings have extensive expertise in the area, which allows us to build modular buildings up to three stories in height, which provides you with a versatile solution for your business.




Unlike with traditional buildings, modular buildings are easily moved according to your needs. As traditional buildings are constructed on site, they are quite fixed to their location. Modular buildings are transported to the site, already pre-built.

This factor allows for ease of movement after they are placed. Modular buildings can be temporary or permanent, and designed according to the layout you want. Flexible design lets you transform your modular building to your exact needs.


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