Construction is one of the main factors in our constantly evolving and adapting economy, and without the workers and construction methods, we wouldn’t be able to marvel in the many uses of buildings.


When it comes to construction, it is even more important than ever today that we are aware of our energy usage, and how environmentally sustainable we are. Factors such as transport, machinery and tools can add up to a big price tag and a whole lot of damage to our environment. So, what are a few ways you can keep energy down in the construction industry through transport? Is modular construction the way to do it?


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Transportation Costs


One of the biggest costs of construction can be the transportation costs. Transferring materials, workers and any other requirements can certainly rack up a cost, especially on a big project.


The Journal of Engineering, Design and Technology states that:


“Construction is possibly one of the most cost orientated industries in any economy. In general, construction cost estimates are based on a straight ‘take off’ of the quantities required. All further ‘other’ costs in the form of overhead, profit, labour and wastage are consolidated into the cost of the materials.”


“Consequently, a significant proportion of the ‘other’ costs associated with materials purchases must be in the form of transportation from the point of extraction and / or production to the point of consumption.”


Fuel Usage and the Environment

Construction transport accounts for 13% of the fuel used in the UK, which ultimately makes it a key target to reduce. Companies have started to consider solutions, with methods such as monitoring and controlling site transport through certain schemes, but here are a few other ways:


Consider transportation costs in the design process

Consider group transportation

For materials, use local or close-by suppliers

Share deliveries

Partner with contractors and suppliers for reduced waste transport

Use offsite construction via modular construction


Road vehicle pollution can have a detrimental effect on the environment as it causes acidification and low-level ozone, which can both have negative effects on the human health.


Take into consideration the possible congestion of transport to and from the construction site, which can incur extra energy and financial losses.


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Building Materials and People


Building materials can be a huge cost for construction. Bricks and other materials rack up a price tag, but with modular constriction or usage of other suitable materials, it can be significantly decreased.


The transportation of goods and materials is one of the biggest finances and can be decreased by following a few possible points:


  • Use alternative building materials

    Pair with a local supplier who might supply a deal

    Transport in bigger loads

    Energy efficient technology


Transport can affect not only the energy and cost usage in construction, but it can also affect the people on the workforce, as well as effecting the community surrounding the site. It is key to address the main health and safety points and noise pollution that can be caused.


By using off-site construction and transport solutions, you can address the above issues as well as:


  • Improve image and community relations with the client

    Fewer accidents on site and in the area

    A more productive workforce

    Fewer complaints

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Modular Buildings as a Solution


Modular buildings can be a great way to reduce costs and energy on a construction site, as the construction takes place off-site and the buildings are then transported to the site. This means no separate transportation trips with materials and no use of extra tools onto the construction site.  It can also cause little to no disruption to the surrounding areas.


Modular buildings are a versatile solution for many construction requirements and, with fast installation time and quick, easy removal, they are perfect for keeping costs down. As an innovative new way of construction, you can still provide a high standard of construction while doing your bit for the environment and keeping costs low and ROI high.


If you would like to know any more information regarding our modular building services, simply get in touch with Excel Modular as we would love to discuss your needs further.