Modular buildings are becoming increasingly popular, with some suggestions that modular buildings will be used in the future to redesign hotels. These types of buildings have a lot of benefits associated with them, but their applications are only limited, so it is important that you will be using modular buildings for the right applications.


The buildings that we provide are used in an array of industries and sectors, but one of the most important ones that we supply for is the educational sector. Schools like to use modular buildings as classrooms, but what are the considerations that you should think about when using modular buildings for classrooms?


What the Modular Building Will Look Like


Traditionally, modular buildings can look quite dull and, on some occasions, not very sturdy, which can be quite unfortunate within an education setting; children don’t want to learn in a dull environment, as they won’t want to pay any attention, and it can be quite dangerous is a learning environment isn’t very stable.


As such, it is important that, when you are deciding on a modular classroom, you consider what the finished product will look like. Some of the things that are common for a modular classroom to have are that it is:


  • Modern and inviting
  • Full of natural light, meaning that it has good sized windows
  • Constructed with the highest quality materials


In addition to this, a good modular classroom needs to have the right finishes; you don’t want to have a modular classroom that looks like it is completely separated from the rest of the school. The secret is that the modular classroom needs to integrate with the existing school buildings.


Image of a modular classroom


When You Want to Use the Modular Classroom


Installing modular buildings takes a lot of planning and consolidating with the school. The main reason why schools tend to install modular classrooms is because they want to avoid disruption during term time. The secret with modular buildings is that they are already premade, meaning that most of the daunting work is already complete!


With this, it means that you can install your modular classroom during the school holidays and then it will be ready for when the children come back to school. However, this doesn’t mean that you can simply purchase a modular building for your school and install it straight away; this will surely lead to complications and potential hazards.


When planning to install a modular classroom, make sure that you plan the installation thoroughly, especially since you will be installing a building in a very short space of time. So, make sure that you think of every single aspect of the installation process, from how long it takes to where the building will be placed.


Also, remember to get the necessary planning permission. There are some misconceptions flying around that you don’t need this type of building permission for a temporary structure, such as a modular classroom, but this isn’t always the case, so ensure that you have the necessary paperwork sorted before you go ahead with the installation plans.


Inside of a school classroom



Make Sure the Supplier Knows Exactly What You Want


This is one of the most important considerations when taking the installation of modular classrooms into account; if the supplier doesn’t know what you want or expect, then complications and mistakes will arise rapidly.


It is easy to rectify any mistakes that are made whilst installing this type of building, it is also inefficient and could potentially be dangerous within that particular setting. As such, explaining to your supplier your exact requirements is essential, which could possibly include how many modular buildings you want, the facilities that they will have, even down to what colour you want them to be.


One of the main benefits with regards to modular classrooms is that they are adaptable to any application; this means that, no matter what specification you require your modular buildings to have, they can be designed to fit your requirements exactly, which saves a lot of time and money compared to building a brick classroom.


Cartoon image of a school


Modular buildings are becoming incredibly popular in the education sector, as they are easy to maintain, easy to install, and they are relatively inexpensive to install and to keep in a good condition. They can also provide a safe and creative learning environment for your pupils, meaning that they will want to learn more in an environment where they are comfortable.


At Excel Modular, we specialise in providing dozens of modular buildings to an array of industries and sectors, including the educational sector. If you are interested in installing a modular classroom or you want to know more information about them, then please don’t hesitate to contact us today on 01482 738027, where one of our modular building specialists will be more than happy to help.