Modular buildings are some of the most versatile building structures that are available and they are extremely convenient in a wide variety of industries and sectors. Modular buildings have a wide host of advantages, such as a maximum of 50% reduction in construction time, as the modular building can be prepared off-site, meaning that the construction of the modular building and the preparation of the site can be completed simultaneously.


They also allow a huge amount of flexibility, in terms of construction size and location, and they also feature an environmentally friendly assembly process. But how common are modular buildings in the real world?


Educational Sector


If there’s a sector that is well known for its use of modular buildings, then it is the educational sectors. Schools all around the world invest in modular buildings to create new classrooms, as they are relatively cheap compared to extending the pre-existing educational building. Another benefit is that they are incredibly versatile, meaning that they can be used in any kind of education setting, so if you need a modular building for a primary school classroom or you want one for a pop up a clinic in your school, modular buildings allow for that flexibility.


One other benefit of having a modular building within the education setting is that it can use the reduction in construction and site planning to its advantage; the school terms can be relatively busy and the breaks between the terms can be quick depending on the time of year.


Therefore, if a construction team were to extend the school building in the summer holidays, they would be struggling with time constraints, it would be inefficient if they performed work through term time. However, with modular buildings, they can be constructed off-site during term time and then implemented in the school grounds during the holidays, which allows the interior designers a bit of time to bring the connection between the school and the modular classrooms.


Mother and School children


Leisure Sector


This may seem like an unusual application for a modular building to be located, but they are relatively popular within the leisure community. Leisure parks tend to invest in modular buildings and mobile homes as accommodation, which act as an alternative to caravans that can be quite expensive and sometimes not very versatile.


With modular buildings, the installation is extremely simple; you simply have to get a modular building provider to build a modular room and then they can bring it to your leisure park and install it without disturbing any of the residents that are on the premises.


They are incredibly similar to modular homes that are found in places where standard construction

procedures are not viable, which is what makes modular buildings so useful. These buildings are also easy to maintain, as there are multiple providers that will be able to help if you start to notice any issues.


Another alternative to leisure parks is leisure in the form of a recreational activity; gyms, dance studios, scout meeting buildings, and community centres are all common establishments that can benefit from a modular building.


Green home container


Medical Sector


Another particularly popular sector that sees a lot of modular buildings is the health sector; hospitals aren’t the only places where medical examinations can take place. Modular buildings offer versatility, meaning that they can provide a safe and secure environment for a patient to be examined; a good example of this would be a pop-up clinic that focuses on screenings for various diseases or acts as a blood donor location.


Because modular buildings are built off-site, it means that they can be constructed and then installed either at the hospital premises or on an external site, meaning that more space can be provided for patients that have arrived at the pop-up clinic for a check-up or some type of screening.


Adapted Shower for Disabled People


Sales and Retail


This isn’t as common as the three different sectors that have previously been mentioned, but it is still a popular industry to find modular buildings. If you are a small business, then you might not have the available premises and funds to extend your current location, whether that be through adding to the existing building or increasing the available space of your premises.


Therefore, modular buildings offer a great alternative to spending lots of money when the result is as close as you are going to get to the real thing. These buildings offer a great office space for your employees, and they can be moved around the premises easily if necessary.


And there you go; modular buildings are used in many industries and sectors, and they are incredibly important to them all. It wouldn’t come as a surprise if you have been inside a modular building, as they are becoming more popular as the years go by.


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