You may be thinking of renting a space before making the commitment to buying a shipping container or unit. Renting gives you the chance to test out the different features such as cost and dimensions whilst the space is in use. You may find that you could benefit from a change in size, shape or structure, so that when you come to buying your container, you can tailor it more to your needs.


Renting a container will have positive effects on the environment, there’s no doubt. Having a huge chunk of steel taking up space and using energy is much less eco-friendly than hiring a container only when you need it. Even though containers are eco-friendly anyway due to the efficient methods in construction, hiring one can only maximise its eco-advantages.


Another major factor that investors can rely on is the fact that hiring a container will be the most cost-effective option. Even though buying a container will be a sound investment for more permanent projects, hiring can avoid you parting with one substantial payment, and instead allow you to pay smaller amounts in instalments.


Another advantage which also spreads the environmentally friendly message is the fact that containers are re-usable. Once your use for a container is complete, it can be re-furbished for other projects and building uses with no materials going to waste.

In traditional construction, buildings have to be demolished if new dimensions or extensions were required which can result in a lot of waste, whereas modular buildings can be modified as necessary.

At Excel Modular we provide more basic unit builds or system modular buildings for more advanced projects; with a number of different features available, modular buildings can be used for a multitude of industries. For any enquiries into our services, feel free to contact us at 01482 488 664 for more information, otherwise you can find us on Facebook and Twitter.