Whether they are used as a long term, permanent or temporary facility; Modular buildings can be used for many diverse types of practice, and can even stretch to be a permanent residence. From full schools to classrooms and construction camps to military housing; the possibilities are endless for Modular buildings, and are becoming increasingly more popular.

We have counted down top 5 fascinating uses for a modular building.



Research Centres

Some modular buildings are used in remote and rural areas; where more conventional construction may not be the best option, or maybe not even possible. A notable example of this is the BAS Antarctic expedition. The Halley VI accommodation pods, which were modular buildings, were the base accommodation and research centre for the researchers and expeditioners.


The Halley VI was built over four summers in the Antarctic, being first operational in February 2012 and opening in 2013. The modular structure cost 6 million and is a string of eight modules; each which are on stilts with skis.


The fascinating modular structure is jacked up on hydraulic legs to stop it being in the masses of thick snow. The retractable giant skis underneath allow the building to be relocated if needed.



Press/ Sports Boxes

Adding a sport or press box to your sport is a necessity and a terrific addition to the grounds. By supplying an area for the sponsors to view the game, you can increase advertising through sponsorship and gain following from people coming to watch the games. You can wow your visitors with an impressive modular sponsors box, whilst supplying an efficient workspace for journalists to craft their stories. Allowing for flexibility, movement and customisation, using a modular build is the way forward to create an efficient and creative space.



Residential Modular Buildings

Using modular structures for a property is the latest trend and is a surely fascinating and inspiring way for anyone concerned with sustainability and affordability to use. This could be the newest solution to the housing shortage.Anyone of a certain age may remember a temporary home which were replacements for bomb damaged homes, but with enduring popularity, modular housing is now common worldwide, especially in Australia, the US and Britain.A modular home can supply plenty of chic style and offer a pleasant and comfortable home and work space, which is flexible, movable and efficient.




Believe it or not, a lot of your regular used restaurants are modular builds. Many drive through cafes and restaurants are built this way also. The popular fast food chain, MacDonald’s make a lot of use of modular constructions, and it is a clever way to go about building a restaurant. They are generally 20% less expensive than a traditional build and 50% faster to build the site. The entire process makes it possible to complete up to 90% of the building off-site, which can reduce disruption time.





The erection of modular churches are becoming increasingly more common. This is due to the economic state, and building a church in the traditional way is truthfully a huge expense. Usually when a new church is constructed, substantial amounts of donations are needed for such a large project. And coming up with this money is difficult.  The old-fashioned way consists of wood, stone, bricks and cement, but why put all the resources and effort in, when a modular building will do the job and costs a lot less.

As well as this, modular church buildings can be built within a fraction of the time it would take to build a traditional build, meaning parishioners will quickly have a permanent place of worship, and a communal space. They are also easily expandable in case the church need expanding.



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