Contrary to popular belief, modular buildings don’t need to be boringly functional. With modern day technology and design, you can customise a modular building exactly to your specifications. Not sure where to start? Here’s a few ideas:

Floor plan

When ordering your modular building, you can decide on the kind of floor plan you’d like. Think about the function of your building and choose a floor plan based on this; for example, if you will often have visitors, consider having a separate reception area next to the building’s entrance.


Your modular building should be in keeping with your business’s image, so think about the colour you’d like it to be and what material the exterior walls should be made from. Also consider window placement and whether you’d like shutters.  Our standard external finish is Plastisol steel but we can also offer options such as timber cladding, stenni, brick slip, Trespa panels, Kingspan or even render.  The options are endless.


Modular buildings typically come with flat roofs, but if you’re wanting a more traditional look why not have a pitched roof with decra roof tiles.


With the interior of a modular building, your choices are endless. Whether you want an office, kitchen or bathroom included in your building, it can be done. You choose exactly the kind of furnishings and interior design you would like, ensuring that your modular building meets all your needs. Your walls can be in your company’s brand colours, vinyl flooring could be installed for easy cleaning, whiteboards can be fixed to walls for training or brainstorming sessions and many electrical sockets could be installed at key points. For the modern, environmentally friendly business, installing energy efficient features is an excellent option to keep your bills low and your green credentials strong.

Modular Buildings from the Best

If you want to enjoy all the benefits of a fully customised module building, Excel Modular Buildings can help. We provide flexible modular buildings and containers for a wide range of purposes. Contact us now to find out more, or find us on Facebook and Twitter to see our updates.